Smarter crisis and issues management in an unpredictable world

Our mission

Applying decades of specialist experience to the new challenges of today, we want to help organisations bring order and simplicity to adversity and complexity with an approach to crisis and issues management that is simple, effective, and agile.
A smart approach to a specialist discipline

With the world continuing to change rapidly, a smart approach to crisis and issues management should be:


The best way to tackle the complexity of issues and the confusion of crises is with an easy-to-adopt approach


What matters is what works, so your response needs to suit your culture and operating model


Your response capability needs to work across functions, businesses and geographies and must adapt to all scenarios

These principles, which apply to organisations of all shapes and sizes and in all sectors, are designed for today’s challenges and built on decades of experience.

Our services


Build a flexible crisis management and issues response capability that works, so you are ready for anything


Respond to live issues and crises, providing the advice and guidance you need


Recover from the experience, learning lessons and changing for the better

Reputation lens

Apply a reputation lens to your business strategy and decision making

Why this matters

Trust is an important commodity for any organisation. If your customers, your people and your external stakeholders trust you, your financial, strategic and other interests are easier to achieve.

Even when things are going well, trust is fragile and fleeting. Expectations are high, scrutiny is intense, stakeholders are demanding, and the operating environment is full of risk. When crises strike or issues emerge, this situation gets even tougher. Failure to respond well can severely erode trust.

If organisations can ensure reputation is factored in to their ‘peacetime’ decisions and operations and can respond to adversity with their values and stakeholders in mind, they can retain and build trust.

What clients say

‘Andrew is our go-to person when we face the most difficult issues and crisis that threaten our reputation. His wide experience, calm and pragmatic attitude and common sense has always helped us finding the right solution. He is also great in training senior level teams in issues and crisis management – highly recommended investment for a well-prepared organization.’
Issues management lead, global food and nutrition company
‘Andrew was instrumental in getting us organised and aligning on the real priorities. He chaired our task force meetings and helped manage time and resources. Leveraging his wealth of experience and expertise working with issues management teams was invaluable. Andrew saw the things from different angles which supported me in my role as leader in a perfect way and enabled us early in the crisis to look ahead, anticipate what could come next and be prepared.’
Covid 19 Task Force Leader, global pharmaceutical company
‘Andrew Griffin was the expert I called when issues appeared on the corporate horizon. He's the steady, experienced and highly ethical thought partner I wanted -- to help me see the issues from all sides, take the right steps to resolve them, and be prepared if they turned into a crises.’
Former CCO and veteran of four global Fortune 100 companies
‘I’ve worked with Andrew for over a decade on various issues and crises. He is thorough in his assessment of short, mid, and long term issues that you need to be mindful of while in the midst of the day to day management of the issue or crisis you are dealing with. His expertise and trusted approach brings a sense of confidence in the trusted adviser that I believe him to be.’
Group Director of Corporate Affairs, telecoms company
‘Whether you are a large multinational or a growing entrepreneurial operation, Andrew brings the deep expertise that can help you navigate these uncertain and everchanging times and build your roadmap for long term sustainable success.’
Crisis management coordinator, gaming company
‘Andrew brings a wealth of invaluable experience alongside an unrivalled track record as a counsellor, trusted partner and coach to organisations who want to build, protect and enhance their most important assets: trust and reputation. He brings unique specialist insight which is invaluable in any situation - from preparing for a new market entry to responding to a global pandemic.’
Former sustainability and reputation lead, global bank
'Andrew is excellent at working with an organisation to develop group-level crisis management capabilities. He is able to work with teams at all levels of the business and manages to bridge the complexities of structures and differing functional requirements.'
Communications Director at an aerospace and defence company
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